Patriots Rumors: Kurt Warner Talks Deflategate, Wonders If Rams Were Beat "Fair And Square" In Super Bowl XXXVI

The controversy machine that is (hashtag) Deflategate has been a distraction to say the least for a New England Patriots team once again set to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, and a former Super Bowl opponent from over a decade ago is adding his two cents to the noise.

"I wanna know I got beat fair and square," former St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner said to Seattle-area radio station KJR, via the Des Moines Register. Warner was on the losing end of the starting quarterback ledger in the Patriots' 20-17 Super Bowl XXXVI win back in 2002 - the first of three Super Bowl championships in four years for the franchise.

"I don't want to believe that there was anything outside of, his team beat our team," Warner added. "That's what I want to believe."

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Does he really think that the Patriots are bending the rules to gain a competitive advantage?

"It adds a sliver of doubt, which I think is unfair to everybody," he said. "It's unfair to them and their legacy. It's unfair to me and my legacy. Because I don't want to have to wonder, 'Did they beat me fair and square or was there something extra?'"

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