Patriots Propelled to Super Bowl Using Secret Weapon

The Patriots have been propelled to the Super Bowl due to teamwork, execution, a little luck and a secret weapon that has improved their performance and endurance on the field.

We set out to find out what the secret weapon was that they used, and of course, use this super power ouselves.

The secret weapon is a powdery, slow-digesting carbohydrate substance and has been taken by several Patriots players this season, most notably by star DT Vince Wolfork. The 4X Pro Bowl anchor of the Pats defense is coming off of what many have pegged his best performance of his career in the AFC Championship game against the Ravens. Wolfork recorded 3 tackles for loss and a sack in the game, as well as many other key plays.

What is this secret weapon used by Vince?

The product is called Superstarch, which you can buy online at from Generation UCAN. Employing a patent pending process that doesn't use chemical or enzymatic modification, UCAN created a large, complex carbohydrate that has a high molecular weight and low osmolality. Simply put, UCAN is gentle on the stomach while providing a time-release glucose profile. It's longer lasting, healthy energy.

Vince turned to Superstarch in hopes of finding a way to stary energized during workouts and training camp. After his wife encouraged to use the product, Vince say amazing results with 1 week. In the first five days of using UCAN Superstarch, he lost 5 pounds.

But, don't trust us. The video below lets Vince speak directly to you on how UCAN has propelled his game to new heights.

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