Patriots News: The Best Games On The Patriots' 2014 NFL Schedule

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The NFL schedule for next season has just been released, so here are the three biggest match-ups for the New England Patriots heading into their 2014 schedule:

Sunday, November 30th at Green Bay Packers

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers. What more really needs to be said for fans and television executives alike to jump all over this game between perennial Super Bowl contenders.

Both teams are revitalized and ready to reassert themselves as the top dog in the NFL, so this game should end up being one of the top-five must-see contests on the 2014 NFL schedule. This game could end up with pinball numbers for both passing yards and scoring, so try not to blink.

Sunday, December 21st at New York Jets

Patriots/ Jets is one of those rivalries which may be bigger in the media than on the field. However, the Jets could arguably present the trickiest challenge for the Patriots to continue their reign over the AFC East -- especially with the addition of Chris Johnson (and Michael Vick) to the Jets' backfield.

If the Patriots can neutralize the Jets' "ground and pound" attack in front of a hostile New Jersey/New York crowd, the Patriots may find themselves high-stepping to another division title.


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