Patriots News: Tedy Bruschi Addresses Bill Belichick's Punishment Of Jonas Gray

After playing nine seasons for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Tedy Bruschi knows a thing or two about how Belichick does business.

That's why ESPN's SVP & Russillo Show turned to the now-ESPN analysis on Friday to ask for his take on Belichick's punishment of running back Jonas Gray. The dynamic young halfback was late on Friday morning and was subsequently held out of practice.

Here's Bruschi's thoughts on the matter, via

“Here’s one of the beautiful things about Belichick: You don’t have a question on what’s going to happen [when you are late]. Because it’s happened back when Randy Moss was late, or Darrelle Revis earlier this year. You just get sent home. Automatically sent home and you don’t get to practice.

“For Jonas Gray, it’s unfortunate on the timing of the whole thing. You’re coming off a career day, 201 yards, four touchdowns, and now you’ve got people saying, ‘Oh, this kid was reading his press clippings, slept in a little bit because he’s getting a little full of himself.’

“Now that’s one assumption. I’ve heard Jonas Gray is a good kid. This kid made an honest mistake, but it's just bad timing, also with the signing of LeGarrette Blount.

“I think the most interesting thing to me is you’ll see how [Gray has] been acting up to this point based on Sunday’s starting lineup. I mean, if he’s acting the way I previously mentioned -- maybe reading your press clippings a little bit too much -- Belichick says, ‘Blount, you’re starting.’

“But from what I’ve heard, [Gray is] a good guy, though I still think there’s still something that has to be cited come Sunday on who’s the starting running back.”

Regardless, especially with LeGarrette Blount now back on the roster, questions about Gray's workload for Sunday's game will likely remain unanswered until the opening whistle.

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