NFL Power Rankings - Week 6

What we learned:

This week we learned that the Cardinals might not be as great as advertised, that the Saints finally remembered what it’s like to win, and that the 49ers can beat you in every phase of the game…and most likely will.


1. Texans (Same): One of two undefeated teams left, and running away with the AFC South early in the season.

2. Falcons (Same): Even when the Falcons aren’t on their A game, they win. A sign of a team that is growing and ready to play deep into January.

3. 49ers (Same): They have outscored their opponents 79-3 in the last two weeks. Yea, it’s safe to say the 49ers have responded well to a Week 3 loss to the Vikings.

4. Ravens (Same): A 9-6 win against Kansas City isn’t going to blow anyone away, but Baltimore did what they have to do and got the win on the road.

5. Patriots (3-2/Up 1): Brady took down Manning yet again, and now the Patriots have a favorable schedule leading up to their bye in three weeks.

6. Bears (4-1/Up 4): Who needs Jay Cutler? In their past three games, Chicago has scored 5 defensive touchdowns. The Bears look to be getting their true identity back.

7. Giants (3-2/Up 2): With Ahmad Bradshaw rushing for 200 yards Sunday, the Giants would have beaten any team in the league. Just too many options on offense.

8. Cardinals (4-1/Down 4): For all the buzz the Cardinals created to start the season, they seemed to let it all out in a dull, 17-3 loss at St. Louis this past Thursday.

9. Vikings (4-1/Up 5): Watch out for the…Vikings? Who would have been saying this at the beginning of the season? Minnesota looks to be the top sleeper in the NFL so far.

10. Steelers (2-2/Up 4): Pittsburgh hasn’t started the season the way they’ve wanted to, but a win over the Eagles should get them going in the right direction.

11. Eagles (3-2/Down 4): The Eagles could easily be 0-5 this year, as their point differential is -19. There are clearly lots of questions that need to be answered in Philadelphia until they are considered a contender in the NFC.

12. Packers (2-3/Down 4): After falling late in Seattle a few weeks back you would have figured the Packers had learned their lesson to not let teams hang around. Well they let the Colts do just that, and the Pack lost again. This leads to a big Sunday night game early in the season, as Green Bay heads to Houston to take on the undefeated Texans.

13. Cowboys (2-2/Up 3): Dallas moved up three spots in the ranking based on not playing, so they will need to earn their spot with a big game in Baltimore this weekend.

14. Chargers (3-2/Down 2): Losing in New Orleans when the Saints needed a win more than anyone in the league is not going to drop San Diego much in the rankings. Big matchup coming up against Denver before the bye week, however.

15. Bengals (3-2/Down 3): After being on a roll, the Bengals fell to the Dolphins. They are still looking for an identity early in the season.

Honorable mention: Seahawks (3-2/NR): Although Seattle’s 31st in the league in passing, they have arguably the best defense in the NFL. This could help them out come Sunday against New England.

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