NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

What we learned:

This week we learned that the Niners are for real, the Patriots are actually beatable at home, and that we may have overrated Peyton Manning's ability a little too much coming off of his opening game win last week. That and more in the Power Rankings heading into Week 3...

1. 49ers (2-0/Up 1): The Niners keep rolling under head coach Jim Harbaugh, as it appears they do not have any obvious weaknesses. Watch out for San Fran.

2. Texans (2-0/Up 2): While they have yet to face a legitimate opponent, the Texans are +40 in point differential so far and will be ready for their first real challenge in Denver this Sunday.

3. Falcons (2-0/Up 2): Atlanta has been known for their dynamic offense in the Matt Ryan era, but give credit to the defense for shutting down Peyton Manning on the primetime Monday night stage.

4. Packers (1-1/Up 5): Green Bay bounces back with a beat down on the rivaled Bears, though their offense has yet to match last years pace.

5. Ravens (1-1/Down 2): Baltimore was close to moving up to the #2 spot in the Power Rankings, before Michael Vick led the Eagles to a late victory in Philly.

6. Patriots (1-1/Down 5): The Patriots put up a very un-Patriot like performance and deserved to lose, despite Stephen Gostkowski’s last second field goal miss from 42 yards out.

7. Eagles (2-0/Up 8): Coming off an impressive late win against Baltimore, turnovers are the Eagles only concern right now as they head into a difficult stretch of games.

8. Steelers (1-1/NR): Roethlisberger did a nice job of weathering the storm and getting Pittsburgh their first win of the young season.

9. Chargers (2-0/Up 2): San Diego is doing what they’ve done best recently, and that is having a great start to the season. It will not mean much, however, if they cannot continue their success over the next few weeks.

10. Giants (1-1/Up 4): Just when you thought the Giants were going to have another early letdown, they drop 25 points in the 4th quarter to stun the Buccs. Never know what to expect from this bunch.

11. Broncos (1-1/Down 5): However impressive Peyton Manning was in the opener against the Steelers he was equally unimpressive in his second game with the new squad against Atlanta. Denver will need to turn things around quickly heading into a tough matchup against the Texans at home in Week 3.

12. Cardinals (2-0/NR): Arizona shocked New England on the road. That is all you need to know as to how they are in the top 15 in the Power Rankings for the first time this year.

13. Seahawks (1-1/NR): Although they beat a Dallas team that always seems to be shaky, don’t sleep on the Seahawks. Pete Carroll’s bunch may have a playoff caliber team this year in Seattle.

14. Lions (1-1/Down 2): A loss in San Fran will not drop you too many spots in the Power Rankings, but Detroit needs to avoid a letdown in Tennessee this weekend to stay on this list.

15. Bears (1-1/Down 8): The season is young, but Jay Cutler has already found a way for Chicago fans and football fans around the country to hate him. His awful performance and disrespect for teammates leaves the Bears in no-mans land in terms of trying to predict how they will perform from here on out.

Honorable mention: Panthers (1-1/NR): Cam Newton leads Carolina to a big divisional win against New Orleans, reminding everyone that he knows nothing about a “sophomore slump.”

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