Money Down

Any legitimate Patriots fan knows a few things about the Patriots: Belichick likes his hooded sweatshirts and Jersey rock & roll, Brady wears Uggs and scarves, and the 2010 Patriots defense was atrocious on 3rd down. 

This is a subject that has been talked about incessantly during the offseason, particulary in the months leading up to the draft and in its immediate aftermath.  Most people thought the answer was pass rush, or lack thereof, and maybe they were right to a point.  The Patriots didn't get to the quarterback enough in critical situations, and they were particualuarly weak agaisnt the pass.  Watching opposing quarterbacks sit back unhassled and pick apart the Patriots secondary was one of the defining aspects of their losses last season, particularly agaisnt the Jets in the Playoffs.  But this was a team that was 14-2!  How bad could it have been? Well, the Patriots haven't won a playoff game since January of 2008.  And isn't that what really matters to Belichick and co.?

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