Best and Worst: NFL Helmets

The NFL helmet has long been a fascination among fans everywhere. Whether it’s admiring the colors of your favorite team’s helmet, or sneakily obsessing over an opponents head piece, it’s hard to avoid the many different styles of protective wear on player’s heads around the league. I am sure many of us have caught ourselves shoving quarters into gumball machines full of useless plastic in the hopes of landing our favorite replica helmet figure. If you agree, than this list is for you. While ranking the top helmets in the NFL can feel like comparing apples and oranges, or in this case being red versus purple, we tried our best to limit it down to the best and worst helmets of them all. Now, let the debate begin..


The Best:

5. Vikings – The dark purple of the Vikings combined with any other design would have put them in the conversation for the best helmet regardless, but their sleek logo cruising down both sides of the helmet lands Minnesota at number 5 on this list. The helmet is rather simple, yet that’s all it has to be. Nothing over the top here, just a helmet that knows it has the tools to be great and goes out and puts those tools to good use. Congratulations Minnesota, your football team has finally accomplished something since the Daunte Culpepper/Randy Moss era.



4. Bengals – The Cincinatti Bengals are one of few teams in the NFL that does not

have their team’s logo on their helmet. Although this is taking a slight risk, they passed with flying colors, or flying stripes in this case. The Bengal stripes on this helmet, combined with the orange backdrop makes for a very cool overall look. There are few things scarier than a bunch of Bengal looking beasts running towards you, actually there may be nothing scarier than that. So for the intimidation factor, and cool design, the Bengals come in at number 4 on the best helmets list.




3. Steelers – When you think of the Steelers today, you either think of Big Ben somehow avoiding pressure in the pocket, or you think of their classic looking helmets. Their unique one-sided design, with the fierce color combination of black and gold certainly would put Pittsburgh in contention on anyone’s top helmet countdown. Oh yea, having the most Super Bowl titles in league history cannot hurt the helmet's overall image either.





2. Eagles – While it would seem obvious to throw a pair of wings on the helmet of a team named the “Eagles,” it still fits perfectly with the dark green background on Philadelphia's helmets. Adding a speedy quarterback only increases the impact of a helmet that looks like it could help its players fly down the field whenever they so please. Cool helmet Philly; almost cool enough to be number 1, but not quite.




1. Chargers – The San Diego (Super) Chargers have the best helmets in the NFL, and here’s why. While some may think a simple lighting bolt outlined in baby blue sounds like a weak design, it fits perfectly with this team and the location in which they play. When you think of West Coast styled football, you think flashy and quick, and this helmet sums up that fast paced-high scoring offense that San Diego features year in and year out. The design may be simple, but all it has to offer plus a clean white background makes it the best helmet in the NFL. So there you go San Diego Super Chargers…..charge!



The Worst:

5. Titans – While there were several teams that could be in this position, the Titans helmet earned the spot based on their lack of creativity. Light blue tends to hop off a football helmet, yet Tennessee didn’t take advantage of this factor, instead going with a plain white background around their logo. If only they had mixed the color scheme up to enhance the helmet, they could have been something. If only…





4. Buccaneers – The Buccaneers make the worst helmet list based on how they made the most boring design out of what could have been the coolest looking head protector in the whole league. Is there anything people flip out over more than a Pirate? I think not. This could have been an intimidating look, but instead it’s a dull style that shouldn’t even excite Buccs fans.





3. Browns – Getting to the Browns helmet means it’s clear we are at the bottom of the list in the league in terms of helmet designs. Where do you start with this helmet? Oh yea, with the fact that it’s just the color orange all around, that’s where. I understand that the Browns don’t have a specific logo right now, but that’s the origin of the problem. In this day and age you need an emblem that you can stand behind and claim as your own. To simply have a color represent your team is not going to cut it. Sorry Cleveland, but like you seem to do in every sport in your city, you lose again.




2. Jaguars – Seeing as the Jaguars are the least followed team in the NFL, the fewest amount of people should be offended with the fact that their helmets are simply lacking. While a black backdrop has produced some sleek designs like in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh, it just doesn’t seem to work for Jacksonville. A Jaguar green would have fit better with this helmet, as that presents a more accurate depiction of the Jaguar. You messed up Jacksonville, you messed up bad.




1. Lions – When you think of Lions, some thoughts of intensity, power, and dominance may come to mind. Though when you look at Detroit's helmets, you would think you were watching a peewee football team prancing down the field. The Lions logo is where the helmet rebuilding needs to begin, as it simply isn’t intimidating enough for what it is supposed to represent. Combine that with a boring grey backdrop and you have yourself the worst helmet in the NFL. Boom.

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