5 WR's The Patriots Could Sign To Replace Julian Edelman

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman suffered a broken foot in their victory over the New York Giants on Sunday, and while he could return for the playoffs, he'll miss a significant amount of time. This is another blow to the Patriots' already depleted receiving core, and the Patriots will likely try to add depth on the outside. While no one can replace Edelman, here are five players they Patriots could sign in Edelman's absence:

5) Nick Toon

Toon is one of several players that has worked out for teams this season, and he could fill-in as a deep threat at outside WR. He's a former fourth round pick from Wisconsin, but did have an ankle injury that contributed to his release from the Saints in the preseason.

4) Terrelle Pryor

The Patriots are 9-0, so why not take a chance on Pryor? He's still learning how to play the position after a failed stint as a quarterback, but he has the raw athleticism to morph into a big play threat with the right coaching behind him. He's not going to provide the impact of Edelman, but nobody on this list can do that. At the very least, his elite size and speed make him worth a tryout. 

3) Randy Moss

Moss still has the itch to play. Yes, he's 38 years old, but Moss is a freak athlete who can still play in the NFL at his age. Moss worked out with the Saints' Brandin Cooks, and Cooks believes Moss can still compete at a high level, and Moss already has knowledge of New England's system. If he can be even half the player he was last time he was with the Patriots, New England will suddenly have another elite weapon - though that's a big if.

2) Hakeem Nicks

One of the biggest names still available in free agency right now, Nicks has battled injuries in recent seasons. He was great for the New York Giants early in his career, before undergoing the same surgery foot surgery Cowboys WR Dez Bryant recently had. Nicks hasn't been the same player since, bouncing between the Giants, Colts and Titans to little or no effect. Still, Nicks has the potential to be a starter, something that can't be said for most of the current free agents.

1) Reggie Wayne

Wayne surprised a lot of people by quitting the Patriots during training camp as he probably would've made the roster. He'd be the perfect candidate to come in and make an impact right away because of that time with New England early in the season, and the chance to compete for a Super Bowl would surely appeal to him. If the Pats can convince him to play, they wouldn't miss a beat.

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