3 Reasons Why The New England Patriots Should Sign Adrian Peterson

The New England Patriots have expressed some interest in signing free agent running back Adrian Peterson, and the former All-Pro appears to be even more interested in joining the Pats. Here are three reasons why New England would make the move and sign Peterson:

3) Need at the position
New England still has not re-signed LeGarrette Blount, leaving them with just Dion Lewis and James White as their top running backs. Both players have proven to be productive in New England's system, but both are receiving backs and shouldn't be on the field every down. Enter Peterson, who can fill that running role between the tackles on first and second down for the Patriots. Blount has had the role for the past few years, and even at 32 years old, Peterson would be a major upgrade.

2) Weapon like they've never had
Outside of Corey Dillon's incredible season in 2004, the Patriots dynasty has done without a dominant rushing attack, relying on Tom Brady and a stable of lesser backs to carry the offense. It's a system they've perfected, but things would certainly be easier with a reliable rusher. Enter Peterson, who is just one year removed from leading the league in rushing.

There are legitimate concerns about Peterson's age and about his ability to run out of the shotgun, but with New England's other offensive weapons (and the addition of Brandin Cooks), there will be plenty of room for him to run. And when Peterson has room to run...we know what happens.

1) Can sign him for cheap
This has been the biggest sticking point for Peterson this offseason and why he is still on the market - teams are unwilling to meet his asking price. That includes the Patriots, and New England isn't going to budge on that. However, Peterson has said he would be willing to sign a team-friendly deal with the Patriots. While he's still waiting to see if anyone will meet his asking price, he will eventually have to cave and take a deal for less than he wants. He has shown he's more willing to do that for New England than anyone else.

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