4 Reasons Why Nebraska Will Still Win The Big Ten

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are 2-2 this season with a pair of heartbreaking losses to BYU and Miami (FL). While a 2-2 record doesn't scream "Big Ten Title," Nebraska is in a good position to make a run at the Big Ten West. Here are four reasons why Nebraska can still win the Big Ten this season. 

4. Losses Have Been Close 

Nebraska is only a few plays away from being 4-0 this season. They lost on a Hail Mary to BYU and lost in OT to Miami. Both of those are games that Nebraska could have won. Had they done that, Nebraska winning the Big Ten West would be a common prediction.  

3. Tommy Armstrong 

Armstrong hasn't been the perfect QB, but he's been much better as a pocket passer this season. He's also shown incredible heart and guts through four games. Armstrong and Nebraska could have quit when they were down 23 to Miami, but they kept fighting. Armstrong has shown this season that he's good enough leader and playmaker to guide the Cornhuskers to a Big Ten Title. 

2. Clean Big Ten Slate 

In all practicality, Nebraska's season starts with Big Ten play. Nebraska's goal is to win a Big Ten title this season and those hopes haven't been affected by the losses to BYU and Miami. Nebraska controls their own destiny in the Big Ten and they have the ability and the schedule to make a run. 

1. Favorable Schedule

Nebraska's Big Ten schedule isn't perfect, but it's a favorable one. The Cornhuskers' three toughest games are against Northwestern, Michigan State and Wisconsin. All three are at home. Their road games are at Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota and Rutgers. Only traveling to Minnesota should present any real challenge. The MSU game will be tough to win, but Nebraska can lose that game and still win the Big Ten if it takes care of business the rest of the season. The home game against Wisconsin could decide the Big Ten West winner, but it's a game Nebraska can win. 

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