3 Reasons Why Mike Riley Is The RIGHT Coach For Nebraska

As a counterpoint to Chat Sports' very own Dustin Hawkins and his reasons why Mike Riley is the wrong coach for the Huskers, we thought we'd ride the wave of optimism after today's win and bring to you 3 Reasons Why Mike Riley Is The RIGHT Coach For Nebraska.

1. Steady Hand

We've seen lesser coaches fold in their first years after facing half of the adversity that's befallen this snake-bitten Huskers team. All four of Nebraska's losses have come thanks to their opponents' final plays -- an unreal stroke of bad luck that has flipped the season on its head. However, rather than packing it in and hiding, Riley has stood tall in media sessions and taken the brunt of the criticism levied at him in stride. There's also the matter of...

COUNTERPOINT: 3 Reasons Why Mike Riley Is The Wrong Coach For Nebraska

2. Saturday's Statement

Nebraska's 48-25 road win over Minnesota is one of those wins the program can hang their hat on going forward. QB Tommy Armstrong boucned back from two rough outings, throwing for 261 yards and three scores in what very well could be a bowl-eligibility saving win. The defense did what it needed to do to keep this game from going full Arena Football-mode. This is what the Huskers are capable of when all things are clicking. This is what Mike Riley is capable of getting from his players when the ball starts to bounce Nebraska's way.

3. Let's Step Back

We're all making snap judgments about Riley based solely out of embarassment and frustration over what has been a trying start to the 2015 season. What we're forgetting is that Riley is attempting to shift the entire culture of a football program that seemed to be constantly on edge when Bo Pelini was on the sidelines. Maybe Riley won't be the right coach for Nebraska three years from now. For now, we're willing to back him and see where a year or so of his influence over the program takes us.

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