Where To Watch The College Football Playoff Online

The College Football Playoff semifinals take place on New Year's Eve, with the #1 Clemson Tigers taking on the #4 Oklahoma Sooners in the Capital One Orange Bowl (Miami) and the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide doing battle with the #3 Michigan State Spartans in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl (Arlington). New Year's Eve is the perfect time for fireworks, and that's just what'll get with the nation's four best teams hit in the gridiron in the two biggest games of the season so far. Need a stream to watch the action? We've got you covered.

First, a note...

Don't download anything from any of these sites. Some have very creative pop-ups that tell you you need to download a video player to watch, or your player is out of date...that isn't true, and none of these streams require anything other than Flash (which 99.9% of you have on your computer already).

College Football Playoff Streams List 1 (Note: Flash streams are your best bet)

College Football Playoff Streams List 2

College Football Playoff Streams List 3

Did we mention that you should probably start with that Watch ESPN thing? Try that first...

Disclaimer: Chat Sports does not encourage the illegal streaming of games, but we’re not naive enough to pretend that it doesn’t happen. Stream at your own risk (and don’t download anything from these sites – it’s like the Wild West out there).

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