UMBC: What It Stands For, The Upset Over #1 Virginia, & Its NCAA Tournament Legacy

#16 UMBC Retrievers pulled off the most improbable upset in NCAA Tournament history by beating the #1 overall seed Virginia Cavaliers 74-54. Host Cam Rogers tells you what UMBC stands for, how the team got into the 2018 March Madness field and its legacy going forward in the video above and below!

A 16 seed has never beaten a number one seed in NCAA Tournament history. The previous 135 attempts failed, but the Retrievers, led by Jairus Lyles' 28 points, ended that streak. The Cavaliers had not surrendered over 70 points the entire season.

UMBC stands for University of Maryland Baltimore County and our Cam Rogers tells you all about the school that has everyone asking "What is UMBC"?

UMBC will move on to play Kansas State, but its legacy will live on even more. Those four letters and the Baltimore County community will forever remember the day their local NCAA basketball team beat the top overall seed.

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