Top 10 Players Available For 2021 NFL Draft

It always makes sense that player status and skill is constantly evaluated throughout the season, yet it is pretty fair to say that some of the actual fan bases will always have an eye out for the season and for the NFL Draft, especially for 2021. The Jets for example, have looked forward to the draft right from the get-go of training camp. As you probably are aware of, the draft always gives awareness to certain challenges that have not been dealt with by teams particularly. With schedules and scouting constantly changing, it is normal to rely on the previous season far more than usual.
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1.  Trevor Lawrence 
Playing for QB Clemson, Trevor is front runner to be picked and it did not take long for his playing distinction to be picked up upon. From the moment he took the job from Bryant, it's been onwards and upwards for him, by showcasing his great arm strength and qualities as a player. He started in 2019 with such a high profile, and through three games he led with five interceptions and made sure to quieten the noise that came from critics in the process. With 31 touchdowns alongside 3 interceptions, he was on a high during his national championship game appearance. 
His physical qualities give rise to the technical qualities he possesses. For example, at 6’6 high and weighing in at 220 pounds, he certainly will fill out more than this as he matures, being that he is still quite young. The arm strength that he brings to his game is very obvious, that kind of strength will make sure throws across the field are powerful and precise. There was a reason his college team managed to beat some of the best college football teams out there.
He is certainly a player that is looked forward to within the NFL, one that will certainly be heavily relied upon, and bring much optimism to the game.

2. Justin Fields 
Justin Fields has always had to deal with the fact that Lawrence is always the one that gets picked, yet this has not stopped him from trying. Fields has a flawless offense. PFF actually stated that his throws were caught 79% of the time, and it is certainly one of the highest within the country for downfield throws.
Fields' physical attributes include a 6'3" height, alongside a 228-pound mass. Despite him being on the heavier side, he is still able to play lightly with his feet, and can sprint like his life depends on it. Despite all of the qualities he possesses, he also manages to Give Ohio State great passing opportunities too, from tight closed windows. So, it is pretty clear here that, whoever team misses out on getting Fields, there will be one lucky team that gets to possess him as a quarterback. That is for sure.

3. Penei Sewell 
Playing for Oregon, Sewell showcased 6 tackles for offense within the first round of 2019. At 19, he was considered the highest offensive and that pretty much summaries what he has to offer in terms of quality and skill.
His tackles come from sheer mass that he uses to his advantage. Weighing in at 6”6 and 325 pounds, you can understand how this contributes massively to strong body tackles. The athleticism is not just aided by mass but technical understanding too. The pass technique gives him the upper hand within live games, meaning it is quite hard to make notice of any obvious weakness within his game setup.

4. Ja’Marr Chase 
Ja’Marr was the best weapon picked up by the LSU Tigers. Current stats that Chase possesses include 84 catches, over 1780 yards and a total of 20 touchdowns. In addition to this, the fact he is only 19 years old and a sophomore, speaks volumes of the talent that he has at his command. The prospect of the future is vast for Chase.
Chase wins on many accounts when it comes to determining his prospects of the future. For example, he managed to rank as number 7 for yards after catch, but first place for the deep touchdowns and deep yards. He has no strong competition that is obvious to take his position. The talent he has is certainly a game change without a doubt.

5. Micah Parsons 
Michah Parsons line-backer position for Penn State has been questioned, if it lays solely on the physical attributes that he possesses i.e. 245 pounds and 6”3 in height. However, his ability to cover all the tight ends means he is very valuable for the team and it justifies him being picked within the top 10, no matter how less valuable the position of line-backer actually is. 
He is quite big for the position he plays in, however the athleticism he brings with is certainly cannot be questioned. He can run a 4.43 for 40 yards, with a 4.24 pro agility. This means that the use of skills is essential for the future success he will attain within the NFL. To date he has managed to rake up 109 tackles, 4 fumbles, and defended 5 passes within the year 2019. This is what defines great defense!

6. Trey Lance 
Lance is the lightning rod for North Dakota State. Despite his running style being questioned for injury vulnerability, he has the talent to be listed within the top 10, due to the skill and technicality he possesses for the quarterback position. 
We mentioned that he is explosive across the field when he runs, so for any opposing team, he will certainly be a threat when he's out there running in the open. In addition to this, the arm strength he has will most certainly allow him to throw with zero interceptions throughout the season. With 28 touchdowns, and 14 amongst the ground, he is a superior fit. Not many can question possible liabilities, as he justifies each and every one with superior skill and quality. So yes, he deserves the 6th position within our list.

7. Gregory Rousseau 
Rousseau would have been very hazardous, if he didn't opt out from the season. The hazard would have been visible to the quarterbacks such as Quincy Roche for example. Nevertheless, he has just one season to help evaluate if he's liable for the Rookie of the Year, and yes, he Is still far off being a finished candidate and product. Yet, he has raw quality to his hand, especially since he managed to rack up 15.5 sacks, 19.5 tackles and only two fumbles that were forced. Towering up at 6”7 and 265 pounds, he definitely has the body to make him the change the NFL needs. He is raw talent in the making, if we can boldly say so ourselves.

8. Patrick Surtain II
Patrick Surtain is destined to be the next great cornerback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Being the son of Pro Patrick Surtain I doesn't help and certainly adds to the pressure we will say that. However, he brings great attributes to the table. His size is definitely on the smaller side, weighing in at 202 pounds and a height of 6”2. Despite that, he is quite well-rounded and is able to play well within schemes of a heavy zone. He made his career what it is, from the 6 first picks against Mississippi State. It showed that he has the perfect ball-getter ability, in moments where he is needed most. So, he does not necessarily fall or buckle under the pressure. 

9. Caleb Farley
Farley is on the top of the wish list for any team, as he is very much elite for the cornerback talent he possesses. If you bring together the physical attributes alongside the technical production, he is the perfect size to counteract big receivers. The speed he has also contributes positively. He managed to hit 24 miles per hour within the last season against Notre Dame.
In addition to this, he has a record of 12 passes for defense, alongside 4 interceptions. Despite opting out the past season, he didn't need to do anymore to prove his value within the draft listings, that is for sure.

10. Kyle Pitts
The last player within the draft listings, he is one of the few tight ends that managed to land a position within the ESPN trophy watch list. As soon as he started the season, it pretty much happened right away, as the talent speaks for itself from Pitts.
He showcases different values against the traditional normality for a tight end. Alongside his giant height of 6”6, he is 246 pounds, but manages to keep tight to the end results. Marked as PFF’s highest graded player, he has speed that is too fast for line-backers. He certainly is too great a talent to ignore as a receiver, that's for sure.

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