These Are The Top Ten College Football Coaching Jobs In The Country

With some help from the Chat Sports staff, Tom Downey and Harris Rubenstein rank the top 10 all-around coaching jobs in the country. From Alabama to Michigan to USC, which 10 schools are the best possible destination for any head coach to land. We don't care if they're looking for replacements or not, we're bringing you all the info on what makes these programs so great.

Where does Alabama and their extensive history fall - and will a team like Miami end up ahead of them? Which team rules Florida and will any team besides USC make it from the West Coast? Here are the 10 best coaching jobs in the country:

10) Miami Hurricanes
An extremely fertile recruiting ground and a rich history - though it's not a "traditional" power - make Miami a top quality job. No program in college football embodies swag like The U, and with Hard Rock Stadium finally proving to provide a tangible home-field advantage, the 'Canes made the list. And, don't forget, they have five national titles and are known for producing quality pros.

9) Florida State Seminoles
Moving onto the other ACC team in Florida, the Seminoles speak for themselves. They also benefit from the Florida recruiting scene but are a national brand and have been at the top of the ACC since they joined in the early 1990's. FSU has three national championships and win at a high level year-in and year-out.

8) USC Trojans
Speaking of fertile recruiting grounds, USC normally gets their pick of prospects in Los Angeles and in California because of them traditionally being the top program in the Pac-12. Prestige, tradition, Heisman winners, and national championships (11) are all part of the mystique of USC.

7) Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Even though Notre Dame has not won a national championship since 1988 and has struggled over the last 10/15 years, they're still one of the premier jobs in America. They are the biggest national brand and are the only team that has their own national TV deal thanks to NBC. Plus, they have as much tradition as any school out there.

6) Oklahoma Sooners
Oklahoma's biggest selling point is their dominance in the Big 12. The program has 46 conference titles to their name along with seven national championships, five Heisman winners, and 77 All-Americans. 

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5) Michigan Wolverines
The winningest program in college football history certainly deserves a spot in the top five. With their passionate fan base, facilities, recruiting reach, and 11 national championships, the Wolverines have it all. However, their lack of recent success (last national title came in 1997) keeps them at five.

4) Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama is certainly the dynasty of this era and has more national championships (16) than anyone else, yet it's important to remember this isn't who Alabama has been throughout their history. Bear Bryant and Nick Saban have certainly shown you can win big consistently in Tuscaloosa, but there are also plenty of coaches who haven't had success there due to limited in-state recruiting.

3) Texas Longhorns
No state is as synonymous with a sport as Texas is with football, and the Longhorns are easily the best and biggest program in the state. With 884 wins, 11 national championships, and one of the largest alumni bases in the country, Texas is certainly a destination job. That said, their lack of success this decade keeps them at No. 3.

2) Florida Gators
The biggest state school in one of the most fertile recruiting states in the best football conference? Say what you will about the pressure and expectation level at Florida, but there's a reason those expectations are high - everything you need to be successful is right at your fingertips. 

1) Ohio State Buckeyes
Eight national championships. A nationwide brand that allows you to recruit all over the country. Dominance in the richest conference. Everything about the Buckeyes sets up for success, and that shows on the field. Luke Fickell, who was the interim coach for a year and dealt with NCAA sanctions following Jim Tressel's firing, is the only coach since the turn of the 20th century to end their tenure with a losing record. That level of success - which was attainable for everyone held the position for nearly 120 years - is why Ohio State is the best job in the country.

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