These 4 Teams Were Under-Seeded In The 2016 NCAA Tournament

The 2016 NCAA Tournament field has been announced, and it didn't come without controversy. Many were upset that mid-majors like Monmouth were snubbed in favor of middling power conference teams like Syracuse. There was also plenty of disagreement about the seedings of teams, as there often is. 

While many teams have a real gripe that they should be ranked higher, we've narrowed it down to the top four teams. Michigan State didn't make the list, although they should have been a No. 1 seed. However, MSU's snub doesn't really matter in the long-run and they face a relative easy path to the Elite Eight. The other teams on this list face a tougher path because of the committee's decision. With that in mind, here are four teams that were under-seeded in the NCAA Tournament. 

Kentucky Wildcats
The Wildcats are a four-seed this year, despite winning the SEC Tournament. They beat Texas A&M in that game, and A&M is a three-seed. UK is playing in a very tough bracket, and could end up playing Indiana to advance to the Sweet 16, a game that is unfair to both schools (IU was slightly under-seeded as well). UK should have been at least a No. 3 seed this year, and John Calipari is right to be upset.

Arizona Wildcats
The Pac-12 wasn't great this season, but Arizona did not deserve a No. 6 seed. It makes even less sense considering that Oregon was a No. 1, Cal is a No. 3 and Utah is No. 4. Arizona shouldn't have been any lower than a No. 5 seed. For more NCAA Tournament coverage, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app.

Seton Hall Pirates
Seton Hall closed the year by winning the Big East, beating Xavier and Villanova in the process. As a reward for those efforts, Seton Hall gets a No. 6 seed and matchup against Gonzaga (who really shouldn't be a No. 11 seed). Seton Hall should be at least a No. 5 seed, and they certainly deserve a No. 4 seed more than Duke does. 

West Virginia Mountaineers
The Big 12 was one of, if not the, best conferences in the NCAA this season. Kansas and Oklahoma are rightly seeded as No. 1 and No. 2 seeds, but WVU should be right there with them. After all, WVU beat OU in the Big 12 Tournament. They are more deserving of the No. 2 seed than Xavier was. Now they get Stephen F. Austin, a team that could give them trouble. 

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