SHOCKING: The 25 College Football Teams With The Most Arrests

College athletes do foolish things at times. Those actions can lead to them getting arrested. But some NCAA FBS schools have more players getting arrested than others. Here are the Top 25 college football teams with the most arrests since 2010, via via Mike Rosenburg, and five notable trends among the list. 

SEC In Trouble

The SEC contributed 11 of the 25 teams with the most arrests in recent years. Only three schools avoided the list: South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. The Big 12 was second with three schools. 

Power 5 Schools 

Only one school from a non-power five conference made the list: Marshall.

A Surprise At The Top

Washington State doesn't come to mind when thinking of teams with arrest problems. Maybe that's because they've only been to one bowl game since 2010. But the Cougars lead the NCAA with 31 arrests, seven more than anyone else. 

Coaching Changes

Of the 25 schools, 15 have had coaching changes since 2010. Of the 10 schools that didn't make a change, six have had the same head coach for over a decade. 

Success Among The Schools

Ten schools on the list made it into to ESPN's preseason poll for this season. Only two of the schools on the list have failed to make at least one bowl game in the last five seasons: Colorado and Kansas. Four of the last five National Champiionship winners appear in the Top 25. The lone exception, Ohio State, finished one arrest outside the Top 25. 

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