Ranking College Football's New Uniforms For 2015

Crazy uniforms have become just as big a part of college football as tailgating with schools trying to go for a cool look to attract fans and recruits (...mostly recruits).

Several teams have already unveiled new full uniforms for the 2015 season - some are good, some not so much.

So what will we be seeing on the field this fall?

15) Louisville Cardinals

What in the world is on those helmets??

14) Nebraska Cornhuskers Alternates

The all-black look is nice, but the pattern adidas put in the uniform makes it a big eye sore.

13) Michigan State Spartans Alternates

Something about dark green and black just don't look good together.

12) Oregon Ducks "Glow In The Dark" Uniforms

Pretty cool concept on paper, but they still play games under the lights and not in the dark, right?

11) Miami Hurricanes

Miami will keep its traditional helmets in their switch from Nike to adidas (thank goodness), the uniforms (featuring green, orange, and white options) are more of a classic look than we've seen in years past. The updated metallic stripes on the jerseys and pants are an excellent touch, but the blandness of the jerseys don't really merit a reaction.

10) Texas A&M Aggies "Halloween" Alternates

The all-black look is perfect for Halloween, but it takes away from the style we are used to seeing in Texas A&M uniforms.

9) Wake Forest Demon Deacons

The jersey sleeves forming a stylized “W” is the most notable change from last year's uniforms, and are a very nice touch. They’re a modern take on a classic design, but it's not eye-popping.

8) Army Black Knights

Sleek, sharp, classic, Army. Love it.

7) North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heel argyle pattern is on is on the helmet, jersey collar, and the side of the pants for blue, white and (alternate) black options, making a seemless crossover from the basketball court.

6) Colorado Buffaloes "Frosted Steel" Alternates

These are extremely sharp and sleek, and will be a great addition to Colorado's uniform combinations.

5) Notre Dame Fighting Irish "Green Monster" Alternates

Notre Dame should wear green more often, and the two stripe design with logos on the helmets give these uniforms a great look.

4) Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee's switch from adidas to Nike kept a classic uniform design, but the checkboard design on the helmets and pants add uniqueness. The new black uniforms also look great.

3) San Diego State Aztecs

San Diego State’s helmets and uniforms will feature the Aztec calendar, making this the best use of a school's identity to date. The helmets feature a black stripe down the middle and a red Aztec calendar on each side, and the pants will be black with a three-inch striped panel on each side featuring the Aztec calendar. They’re very unique and very awesome.

2) TCU Horned Frogs

While the away uniforms aren't much different, they home uniforms are special. They’re all-purple with white numbers and white undershirts, but the sublimated pattern that covers the entire jersey and pants - designed after the horned frog - give them a uniqueness that makes them pop. The grey alternates may be the best of the bunch.

1) Arizona State Sun Devils, plus "Desert Ice" Alternates

Arizona State also made the switch from Nike to adidas this year, and adidas smartly didn't make many huge changes to the uniforms, except for the wonderful addition of metallic numbers. However, these new "Desert Ice" uniforms are what really put them over the top:

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