How Twitter Reacted To CBS' New Selection Show Format

CBS debuted a new format for the 2016 NCAA Tournament selection show. It was a two-hour long affair, and it didn't exactly garner a positive response. The whole show seemed dragged out, with CBS going to commercial before they even announced the No. 1 seeds. Be warned, Twitter didn't exactly respond well to the show. 

As an aside, it's worth checking out the replies to Rovell's tweet. The vast majority are people ripping CBS, Rovell or both. The poor start was made even worse when Charles Barkley attempted to use CBS' touch screen and it just didn't work out very well. 

The general consesus was that the show didn't go well. 

It seems as if the vast majority of twitter just didn't enjoy the time length, with comparisons to ESPN being made. 

But then, a miracle happened. Twitter caught wind of the full bracket being leaked during the show. 

Twitter as a whole  was a big fan of the leaked bracket.

It seems like this year didn't turn out very well for CBS' selection show. 

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