Here Are The 5 Best & 5 Worst College Football Hires Since 2007

We've been caught in a head coaching whirlwind as of late with a number of high profile coaching hirings and firings, with everyone hoping they hit the jackpot.

Nebraska, Texas A&M, and UCLA are all hoping that Scott Frost, Jimbo Fisher, and Chip Kelly can be the coaches that take them to the promised land and win them national championships, following in the footsteps of legends like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.

Those hires have obviously gone down in history as two of the best hires in college football history by Alabama and Ohio State, respectively, while a number of other schools have had things go in the complete opposite direction (like everyone who has ever hired Charlie Weis) knows how that feels.

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Which college football hires have been the best and which have been the worst over the past decade? Lena Bond, Harris Rubenstein, and James Yoder give their top five and bottom five in the video above (and below)!

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