Here Are The 10 Teams With Best Vegas Odds To Win The College Football National Championship

The 2017 college football season is here and the Vegas odds for the National Championship have been updated. It's the usual contenders at the top and it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Alabama Crimson Tide are once again the favorites to win the title. 

But which teams does Vegas consider the top threats to Alabama? Here are the 10 teams with the best odds to win the 2017 college football national championship, according to the Las Vegas Super Book:

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide - 5:2 odds
2. Ohio State Buckeyes - 3:1 odds
3. USC Trojans - 7:1 odds
4. Florida State Seminoles - 8:1 odds
5. Michigan Wolverines - 15:1 odds
6. Oklahoma Sooners - 18:1 odds
T-7. LSU Tigers - 20:1 odds
T-7. Washington Huskies - 20:1 odds
T-7. Wisconsin Badgers - 20:1 odds
T-7. Penn State Nittany Lions - 20:1 odds

The defending champion Clemson Tigers are not in the top 10. Given their numerous losses, highlighted by QB Deshaun Watson, that's understandable. There are two clear-cut favorites: Alabama and Ohio State. USC and Florida State are in the second grouping of favorites. 

There's then a bit of a drop-off after that, with Michigan, Oklahoma and a group of four. The Big Ten dominated the odds, with four teams in the top 10. 

The college football season has already started, with a few games taking place over the weekend. But the bulk of the opening slate of games is this weekend, highlighted by Alabama vs. Florida State and Michigan vs. Florida. 

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