Grades For Every College Football Head Coaching Hire During The 2018 Coaching Carousel

The college football coaching carousel appears over. Barring any more surprise firings or retirements, all the college football head coaching changes are finished. That means it’s time to grade every college football head coaching hire in 2018, from Les Miles and Kansas, Mack Brown to North Carolina and even Mike Houston to East Carolina.

There weren’t many top college football head coaching jobs available this offseason, save for Ohio State, which quickly hired Ryan Day. However, there were some intriguing Power 5 jobs that could serve as future stepping stone gigs. There were some good and bad hires this year and College Football Now host Tom Downey breaks down all the college football hires and grades in 2018 in the video above and below.​

Here are all the teams and their head coaching hires, graded:

Ohio State: B
Kansas State: A
Kansas: B+
North Carolina: D+
Maryland: C
Louisville: A-
Colorado: B-
Georgia Tech: B-
Texas Tech: B+
Liberty: A
Utah State: C-
App State: B
Temple: B
Bowling Green: B
Akron: C+
Texas State: A-
UMass: C-
Charlotte: B

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