College Football Top 25: Way-Too-Early Rankings For 2020

A way-too-early College Football Top 25 for 2020 with the College Football National Championship is in the books.College Football Now breaks down the Top 25 teams for 2020 and mentions some teams that just missed out on the top College Football Rankings. 

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The recently great schools are once again at the top of the latest College Football Rankings. That means Alabama Football, Clemson Football, LSU Football, Ohio State Football and more lead the way in the Top 25. But there are other programs who could make a CFB championship run, like Texas Football, Georgia Football, Oregon Football, Florida Football, Oklahoma Football and Michigan Football. 

The SEC has four of our top 6 programs, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise or controversial given recent history. Penn State, Oregon and Oklahoma should be good again, despite some key losses. The same is true of Notre Dame. Texas, USC and Michigan are big names in the College Football world, but are they Top 10 teams? 

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There will be sleepers and surprises in college football next year, but who will they be? Could Boise State, Cincinnati, Memphis and North Carolina surprise? And will Baylor regress without Matt Rhule? So what could the 2020 AP Poll College Football look like?

The complete CFB Top 25 way-too-early edition is detailed below: 
#25 Louisville 
#24 Iowa
#23 Boise State
#22 North Carolina
#21 Cincinnati
#20 Memphis
#19 Baylor
#18 Wisconsin 
#17 Oklahoma State
#16 USC
#15 Texas A&M
#14 Texas
#12 Auburn 
#11 Minnesota
#10 Oregon
#9 Notre Dame
#8 Oklahoma
#7 Penn State
#6 Georgia
#5 Florida 
#4 LSU 
#3 Alabama
#2 Ohio State
#1 Clemson 

5 Others to watch: 
Virginia Tech 
Arizona State 

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