Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama Earn College Football Playoff Bids In Committee's Final Rankings

The final College Football Playoff Rankings were released on Sunday with a little bit of drama.

Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia all won their conference championship games on Saturday, solidifying their place in the top four. However, with Ohio State's 27-21 win over Wisconsin, that fourth and final playoff spot was up for grabs between the Buckeyes and a one-loss Alabama team that did not play in a conference title game.

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Our host Jordan Giorgio, and college football insiders James Yoder and Tom Downey reveal to you the playoff teams (and below), as well as giving their analysis on the committee's Ohio State/Alabama decision and a preview of the College Football Playoff. 

Full College Football Playoff Rankings:
25.) Boise State (10-3)
24.) NC State (8-4)
23.) Mississippi State (8-4)
22.) Virginia Tech (9-3)
21.) Northwestern (9-3)
20.) Memphis (10-2)
19.) Oklahoma State (9-3)
18.) Washington State (9-3)
17.) LSU (9-3)
16.) Michigan State (9-3)
15.) TCU (10-3)
14.) Notre Dame (9-3)
13.) Stanford (9-4)
12.) UCF (12-0)
11.) Washington (10-2)
10.) Miami (FL) (10-2)
9.) Penn State (10-2)
8.) USC (11-2)
7.) Auburn (10-3)
6.) Wisconsin (12-1)
5.) Ohio State (11-2)
4.) Alabama (11-1)
3.) Georgia (12-1)
2.) Oklahoma (12-1)
1.) Clemson  (12-1)

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