Check Out The Music City Bowl Gifts Louisvile And Texas A&M Will Receive

The 2015 Music City Bowl takes place on Wednesday, December 30th at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee when the Louisville Cardinals (7-5) take on the Texas A&M Aggies (8-4). While other teams will get fancier swag at their respective bowl games, both squads will still be going home with some pretty cool stuff.

Here's what every Music City Bowl participant will receive from the bowl organizers:

Fossil Watch (Average Value: $150.00)

The price range for a Fossil watch is fairly wide, so we're splitting the difference here. It could be as cheap as $50 or more than $300. It's a bit of a estimation game. 

Gift Suite (Average Value: $300.00)

No idea what a gift suite is? This article does a solid job of explaining it, but we'll give a tl;dr version too. The players get to pick from several items provided, so long as it doesn't go over the $550 limit imposed by the NCAA. It's often hit and miss, as the gifts can be great, or not so great. 

Total Value: Approximately $450.00

Obviously this might not be exactly right since the Music City Bowl uses gift suites, but the college players will gladly take the free gifts. 

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