You Won't Believe How Much Charlie Weis Is Getting Paid NOT To Coach Notre Dame And Kansas

If you can't find now-former football coach Charlie Weis, he's likely swimming in a pool of money à la Scrooge McDuck.

After being axed by the Kansas Jayhawks last September, the former Notre Dame head man had reason to be disappointed. However, as ESPN's Darren Rovell points out, he has 64.5 million reasons in total to keep his head up:

Both Notre Dame (~ $18.6 million) and Kansas (~ $4 million) have hefty bills left to pay to Weis just for the opportunity to have him NOT coach their respective teams.

Kansas is on the road to going 0-for-2015, so it's feasible they could be missing Weis right now. However, Notre Dame is thriving in the post-Weis era, likely grimacing every time they write out a check to the overrated "coaching mastermind."

Where do we sign up for this deal??

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