Where To Watch The NCAA Men's Final Four Streaming Online

The 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game is here, and there are plenty of people out there without traditional cable or satellite television dying to see the historic ending to this absolutely bonkers tournament, If that describes one of you -- congratulations! You're in the right place. There are several options for you to watch the game online, and Chat Sports is here to make sure you don't miss a single minute of the action.

Now, for your safety and the safety of the computer you love, do us a favor. Download AdBlock prior to doing ANY streaming online. Google Chrome users can get it here, while Firefox users can get it here.

March Madness Live

The NCAA and Turner Sports have tag-teamed to bring you comprehensive live coverage of all 67 NCAA Tournament games, up to and including today's Final Four. You can also download it on your mobile device, which is handy as the site will cut off your live streaming at a certain point without login info from a valid television provider. Lame, I know.

Also, while you're at it, IPhone users be sure and download our NEW, brand-spankingly awesome Chat Sports IPhone app. Trust us. We're (not) doctors. Parentheses don't count. (Yes they do.)


While the quality of the streams may not always be the very best, Wiziwig usually has one to two decent quality streams for each game. Also, WARNING -- be sure to stick to the flash streams unless you're looking to download some ick to muck up your computer something fierce.


The motherload of sports streaming sites straddling the ever-changing lines of legality. FirstRow usually has a decent amount of good streams per game, but be forewarned: the site's notoriety gets streams taken down regularly, and/or forces the Santa Claus of sports to change its entire domain name at times. Gotta love the internet.


Stream quality will vary on Feed2All. Be prepared to do some sifting through streams where you are unsure if you are watching ladies' cricket or the Final Four, before you find a good one.

One other relative newbie, who works in conjunction with Feed2All sometimes, is ATDHE.eu. Again AdBlock, and make a point of finding the second link for each game, and working your way down from there.


If you run into trouble on any or all of these sites, be sure to check out Reddit's college basketball page, where users submit quality links day of game. Also, remember to download our new Chat Sports IPhone App, so you don't miss any of the news surrounding your favorite Final Four teams.

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