What You're Thinking When You Watch Your Favorite Football Team...

Football season is in full swing, and fans are completely invested in their favorite teams.

So far this season we've already seen huge upsets, suspensions, last minute Hail Marys, and 11 of the top 25 teams lose on one Saturday.  

Football is exciting and has serious effects on the sanity of fans. Here are a few things you may find yourself thinking while watching your favorite football team:

Your team scores and starts celebrating:

Your thoughts: "Look at them! They're so happy, they deserve this."

The opposing team scores and starts celebrating:

Your thoughts: "Could they be any cockier? Excessive celebration, much?"

Refs blow the whistle, then call a false start on your team:

Your thoughts: "Come on, ref! Are you really going to call every little thing? Just let 'em play!"

penalty-flagAn opposing player moves slightly before the snap:

Your thoughts: "FALSE START!! Where's the flag, ref?"

Your team's wide receiver lets the ball slip through his fingers:

Your thoughts: "Pass interference! What game are you even watching, ref?"

The other team's wide receiver lets the ball slip through his fingers:

Your thoughts: "BOOM! You guys see that great defense?"

Your quarterback starts yelling at players on the opposing team:

Your thoughts: "You tell em'! You need backup? If I were out there, I'd tell 'em how it is."

Their quarterback starts yelling at your team:

Your thoughts: "Dude...who do you think you are?"

Ruling on the field is your team fumbles:

Your thoughts: "His knee was down! I don't care what angle you see it from, His. Knee. Was. Down."

The refs are reviewing a potential fumble by the opposing team:

Your thoughts: "His knee is a mile off the ground, that's absolutely a fumble. They need to look at it from this angle."

Your side of the stadium gets loud:

Your thoughts: "This is the best fan base in the world!"

The opposing side of the stadium gets loud:

Your thoughts: "What kind of chant is that? Obnoxious...and they aren't even that loud."

Your team wins:

Your thoughts: "That was easy. We're going all the way this year, we played so great."

The opposing team wins:

Your thoughts: "This game was rigged. How much are they paying the refs?"

Yfootball winour team wins, and you're talking to fans of the other team after the game:

Your thoughts: "That was a great game, you guys put up a good fight. I'm sure you'll win next week."

You lose the game and you are talking to fans of the other team:

Your thoughts: "I can't believe you even think your team deserved that win. It was obvious whose side the refs were on."

Fans tend to be just a little biased when it comes to rooting for their favorite teams....they start to refer to the team as a "we" as if they're out on the field with them, they defend their team to the death if they lose, and there's always the special love-hate relationship with all referees.

It's all fun and games though...unless, of course, your team loses.

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