What Would An Expanded College Football Playoff Look Like?

The first-ever College Football Playoff is still three weeks away, and there are already cries for expanding it beyond four teams. Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State will be playing to decide the national champion, but many people want to include more.

Some want a six-team playoff to include Baylor and TCU, some want an eight-team playoff, and others are advocating for a 16-team playoff that would include conference champions from the "Group of 5" schools.

Here's how each of those scenarios would play out:


1) Alabama - Bye

4) Ohio State

5) Baylor

2) Oregon - Bye

3) Florida State

6) TCU


1) Alabama

8 ) Michigan State

4) Ohio State

5) Baylor

3) Florida State

6) TCU

2) Oregon

7) Mississippi State


1) Alabama (SEC Champion)

16) Georgia Southern (Sun Belt Champion)

8 ) Michigan State (at-large)

9) Ole Miss (at-large)

4) Ohio State (Big Ten Champion)

13) Marshall (C-USA Champion)

5) Baylor (Big 12 Co-Champion)

12) Boise State (Mountain West Champion)

3) Florida State (ACC Champion)

14) Northern Illinois (MAC Champion)

6) TCU (Big 12 Co-Champion)

11) Kansas State (at-large)

7) Mississippi State (at-large)

10) Arizona (at-large)

2) Oregon (Pac-12 Champion)

15) Memphis (American Champion)

Those who are concerned about keeping the integrity of the regular season want to keep the playoff at four teams, while a 16-team bracket would open the door for smaller schools to have their shot at a national title, similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Which playoff format do you want see enacted in college football? Leave a response in the comments!

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