This QB Recruit Signed With Rice After They Sent A Letter To His Cat

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Rice University pulled off a bit of a stunner yesterday, beating out Auburn and Tennessee for the services of three-star quarterback recruit J.T. Granato.

Per Barry Petchesky of, the clincher for Granato's decision may have been a letter sent by the Owls' offensive coordinator to J.T.'s cat, Kitty:

"As you know we're trying to convince J.T. Rice is the place for him. I know you'd like to keep him close so he can feed you and change the litter box. Please help us to get him to choose us. Paw me if you have any questions."

Screw crimson-colored Corvettes (here's looking at you, Alabama) -- just sneak Granato some catnip and a scratching post and you've got yourself a four-year commit.



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