The NCAA Is The Worst, Vol. 25671, Featuring Little League Sensation Mo'ne Davis

File this next story away with the rest of the reasons why fans continuously harp on the NCAA for its backwards (and perhaps idiotic) policy structure.

Per Raphielle Johnson of NBC's College Basketball Talk, an unnamed school turned UConn Huskies women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma in for a phone call he made to Philadelphia little league sensation Mo'ne Davis during this year's Little League World Series.

According to Johnson, "Originally it was thought that, since Davis is in the eighth grade, the call did not violate any NCAA rules because she wasn’t considered to be a “recruitable athlete.” However that isn’t the case, and on Thursday it was reported by the Hartford Courant that the NCAA has determined the phone call to be a secondary violation of NCAA rules."

In the NCAA's eyes, Auriemma is said to have acted in violation of NCAA bylaw, which states that a phone call cannot be made to an individual (and/or their parent or guardian) prior to September 1st of their junior year in high school. Because of the term "individual," the bylaw purportedly includes non-recruitable athletes such as Davis.

As you might expect, Connecticut athletic director Warde Manuel was just a tad irritated with the decision, regardless of the fact that a secondary violation will likely only carry a negligible punishment such as reeducation on the NCAA's bylaws:

“Prior to attempting to reach Davis, Coach Auriemma checked with the UConn compliance department and was advised such a call would be permissible since Davis is not considered a prospective student-athlete by the NCAA and the call was to be congratulatory rather than recruiting in nature.

“While UConn will continue to adhere to the NCAA and conference rules, I believe that upon request from a friend to Geno, a proud Philadelphian, to call a young lady representing the City of Brotherly Love who had accomplished historic feats in the Little League World Series, should not constitute a violation especially due to the fact that NCAA rules do not classify Mo’ne as a prospective student-athlete.”

Again, a secondary violation isn't much to worry about. However, it's just another example of the confusion that the NCAA seemingly traffics in on a weekly (or daily) basis.


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