The Big 10 Tournament Is Offering Team-Inspired Hot Dogs, And Some Are Kind of Insane


The Big 10 Tournament in Indianapolis is offering hot dogs that claim to be inspired by each school in the conference, but upon further inspection, some of these choices are kind of crazy:

Some of these - Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan and Nebraska - make perfect sense (it doesn't take a regional expert to know that you should load Nebraska's dog with corn-related products). Others, like the Northwestern dog, were clearly inspired by whatever ingredients were left over after the rest had been finalized.

In terms of overall deliciousness, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota seem to be the winners (your mileage may vary based on personal preference), but we're sickly fascinated by the Wisconsin dog, an unholy creation that somehow combines Cheetos and cheddar cheese sauce. We get that people in Wisconsin like cheese, and we feel like it's possible to communicate that in a hot dog that won't send whoever eats it to the hospital.

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