The Best iPhone Apps For College Football News


Although more people are getting their sports news on their mobile device than ever before, there still isn't a killer app for college sports fans looking for all the latest on their team (or teams). We took a look at what's out there, and we've come up with this list of the five best iOS apps for college sports fans:


Yahoo Sports

Free, Download HERE

Yahoo's recently-redesigned app looks nice enough, and unlike its predecessor, navigation is efficient and intuitive. The main flaw in Yahoo's mobile app doesn't have to do with design or execution - there just isn't enough relevant news. Yahoo offers everything from the AP news wire (quality stories, but little depth) and (solid coverage for some schools, non-existent for others) - however, the Rivals content doesn't include anything behind the paywall - finding out what your favorite three-star recruit ate for breakfast will still cost you $10 a month.

At the end of the day, Yahoo's mobile app is a light appetizer for college sports fans - it looks nice and tastes fine, but real fans will leave hungry for more.


CBS Sports

Free, Download HERE

The CBS Sports mobile app doesn’t have many weaknesses – it’s fast, sleek and easy to use. Not just limited to college football, CBS Sports has provided a customized experience where you can pick out your favorite teams and just get the news on them, if you’re so inclined. With scores, stats and the complete suite of features you’d expect from a major outlet, the CBS Sports app only has two problems we took issue with.

First off, it only has content from CBS Sports. If you’re looking for a wide range of opinions and a wider view of the sports world (or if you’re a news hound looking for ALL the latest news), that just doesn’t cut it. The second problem is one not unique to CBS Sports – the annoying, distracting banner ads across the bottom of your screen at all times. We know finding real estate for ads on mobile is tough, but if it has a negative impact on user experience, you’re doing it wrong.


TheScore Mobile

Free, Download HERE

The best-looking news app out there (at the moment), TheScore has an impressive mobile app with a lot to offer college sports fans. The ability to customize your experience is key, and TheScore does a great job of letting users tailor their experience to their personal preferences. While only original content is available, live scores and player stats are present, and the appealing visuals and intuitive design make for a solid user experience.

On the other side of the coin, TheScore suffers from the same problem affecting CBS Sports – a distracting banner ad that runs just above the bottom menu. TheScore is best for casual fans more interested in a visually appealing, customized experience than an in-depth look at news from around the league.


ESPN SportsCenter (formerly ScoreCenter)

Free, Download HERE

The Worldwide Leader recently expanded their mobile offering, adding new content to try and woo users who previously thought their app was just a glorified scoreboard. While the redesigned SportsCenter app definitely brings more to the table, it still suffers from some of the problems that hurt the original iteration.

This won't be a problem for everyone, but the content available is limited to what ESPN produces in-house. If you're a Tebowmaniac who loves videos of people shouting about the Yankees, Lakers and Heat, you're in luck! If you're a fan of a lower-profile team just looking for the latest updates, don't be surprised if there are only five articles from the last month relevant to you personally.

ESPN has never been subtle when it comes to advertising, and this app is as in-your-face as it gets. Wanna read one of those five articles? Get ready for pop-up ads.

With ESPN's brand power and name recognition, you'd expect a best-in-class app to match. Unfortunately, the worldwide leader has a ways to go, and unless you're looking for a very fancy scoreboard app, you should probably keep moving.


Team Stream by Bleacher Report

Free, Download HERE

Despite Bleacher Report's not-so-sterling reputation for quality, their mobile app is actually one of the better options out there for fans on the go. Team Stream lets fans focus their mobile experience on just the teams they care about most, which filters out a lot of the clutter and mediocre content that hurts B/R's website.

With scores, timely push notifications and an intuitive interface, Team Stream offers a reliable way for college sports fans to stay up-to-date on their favorite schools, and the presence of aggregated content adds valuable depth. Users will notice the occasional distracting or annoying ad, but compared to the other mobile sports news apps out there, Team Stream's advertising is fairly tame. If you don't mind articles of wildly inconsistent quality, Team Stream is a pleasant surprise.


So, what’s the verdict?

Each college sports news app currently on the market has its distinct pros and cons. We preferred TheScore’s mobile app and the CBS Sports app, but the small amount of team-specific content means the hardcore fans out there won’t be satisfied. There’s still plenty of room for a killer app to come along and blow these guys out of the water, so keep an eye out for some new challengers in the near future.

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