The 7 Best College Football Stadiums To Watch A Game In 2015

The 2015 college football season is finally here, and we're here to get you primed and ready to catch as much football in as many amazing locales as you can. Here's our list of The 7 Best College Football Stadiums To Watch A Game In 2015.

Ohio Stadium - Ohio State Buckeyes

Built in 1922 for a cool $1.3 million, the 104,944-seat Horseshoe is the perfect balance of earth-shaking noise, festive fans, and college football history at its finest. The Buckeyes faithful have shaken many an opposing quarterback with their jovial chants and screams, and you'll be taken aback too the first time you step into the confines of Ohio Stadium -- in a good way, of course.

Bryant-Denny Stadium - Alabama Crimson Tide

The fifth-largest stadium in the country with a capacity of 101,821, Bryant-Denny Stadium has played host to countless iconic college football moments in its 86-year history. Once you hear the skronks of the "The Million Dollar Band" intertwined with delirious fans yelping "Rammer Jammer Cheer," you'll know the trip was well worth it.

Autzen Stadium - Oregon Ducks

With stands built at such a steep angle that the fans are almost literally sitting on top of the action, Autzen Stadium has quickly become one of the most imposing road game tests in the entire nation, let alone on the West Coast. Eugene is a college town through and through, and the university community showcases their spirit with unabashed glee on gameday.

Jordan-Hare Stadium - Auburn Tigers

An essential experience when it comes to college football in the South, the city of Auburn becomes undeniably electrified on home-game Saturdays, with the population of the town ballooning from around 60,000  to upwards of 160,000 or so. When the War Eagle is released and fans bust out the "warrrrrrr" chants in unison, it's unlike any single experience you'll ever bear witness to at any sports stadium in the world.

Camp Randall Stadium - Wisconsin Badgers

At a spry 97 years of age, Camp Randall Stadium sits on land upon which Union troops trained during the Civil War. Aside from that historical tidbit, Camp Randall's sea of red and vertigo-inducing stadium swaying when "Jump Around" is played (between the 3rd and 4th quarters) turns a gem from the past into something brilliantly alive and vibrant.

Darrell K Royal -- Texas Memorial Stadium - Texas Longhorns

The largest stadium in the Big 12 Conference with an official capacity of 100,119, gamedays at the home of the Texas Longhorns are a true celebration of everything Lone Star State. A dizzying combination of barbeque smells, cowboy hats, cowgirls dressed to the Texas nines, and state flags flying so high and so proud, you'll get an undistilled taste of state pride at the home of the Horns while enjoying one of the more unique experiences college football has to offer.

Tiger Stadium - LSU Tigers

If you're making the trek to Baton Rouge for a game, make sure its a night game against an SEC rival. As former Alabama coach Bear Bryant once admitted, "Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It's like being inside of a drum." Bryant wasn't exaggerating. LSU fans provide one of the best home-field advantages in all of sports, collegiate or otherwise.

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