The 10 Twitter Accounts You MUST Follow For The 2015 NCAA Tournament

The 2015 NCAA Tournament is just around the corner, and if you're a self-respecting basketball freak like myself, you'll likely be spending the majority of the tourney's 67 games with one eye on the games and the other on the craziness of Twitter.

Need some ideas about who to follow for when March Madness truly starts getting insane? Here's our list of The 10 Twitter Accounts You MUST Follow For The 2015 NCAA Tournament.

1. Jon Rothstein

Nobody seems to love college basketball more than this CBS Sports writer, and not many provide constant insight at the level he does. A true MUST follow.

2. CBS Sports CBB

Speaking of CBS Sports, why not get your news from the company who know, broadcasting the actual games? They'll give you quick up-to-the-second updates of all the tourney's craziness as it happens.

3. David Hess

Hess combines basketbal fandom to the Nth degree with charts and graphs that will both make you laugh and get you thinking about the game you love.

4. Ben Swain 

If you love the ACC and you love laughing so hard that you spit all over your coffee table, Swain's your man. Especially fun for a follow if/when a powerful ACC team goes belly up in an upset.

5. Ken Pomeroy

Statistic genius and all-around smart basketball writer, his Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings provides some of the most in-depth college hoops analysis on the planet.

6. Rush The Court

One of the best independant college basketball sites/Twitters in the land, period.

7. Joe Lunardi

ESPN's resident bracketologist and magnet for bad hair jokes, he's worth a follow just for the mentions he'll get if finally runs into some bad luck predicting the tournament. Trust us.

8. The Cauldron

@JamieOGrady and @CJZero do things up right by breaking down all the weirdness and awkwardness that college basketball gives us daily in excruciating (and hilarious) detail...with pictures!

9. Doug Gottlieb

Simply hilarious and a former college/pro basketball player to boot, the host of the Doug Gottlieb Show will undoubtedly stir things up come tournament time. Enjoy it.

...and #10...

10. Chat Sports.

But, you already knew that.

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