The 10 Most Improved NCAA Football Teams In 2014


One of the best things about summer: no matter what happened last season, you can still be optimistic about your team's chances in the fall.

Even if your team spent 2013 blocking each other or just being generally useless, a new season is right around the corner - these 10 teams have re-loaded, trimmed the fat and done the most to ensure that 2014 is a much, much less awful year for fans & players alike.


Florida (last year: 4-8)

This is, without a doubt, a make-or-break year for Will Muschamp and his Gators. It's easy to forget that this team started 2013 4-1...but losing your last seven games in a row generally undoes any good faith you might have built up in September.

With Will Muschamp's job hanging in the balance, these players know that another down year could have serious consequences for the program. New offensive coordinator Kurt Roper will be a major upgrade on offense (things were getting stale under Brent Pease - just ask any UF fan), and the schedule this year is much friendlier. With 16 starters returning, the only way for Florida to go is up.



Kansas State



Notre Dame

If they can make it through a tough October (Stanford &

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