SEC Mads and Glads: Mizzou Roars And The Tide Roll To The SEC Championship

I'm Maddy - MadGlab for short - a gal who watches football and has a strong opinion about it. This column is all about the games, plays, and other things that make me 'mad' and 'glad' from each weekend of college football. For each SEC game I watch, I'll give you my exact thoughts. No filter.

Turkey, family, and football - what a perfect way to watch epic rivalry games.



- Oh, so Mizzou vs. Arkansas is a rivalry now? Please, give it at least 10 years. Before this past weekend, the two teams hadn’t played a regular season game together since 1963. Can Mizzou just go back to playing Kansas? A rivalry that dates back to the Civil War?

- In the first half, I was having awful flashbacks to Mizzou vs. Auburn in the 2014 SEC Championship...where Auburn’s Tre Mason ran all over Mizzou’s defense. Arkansas saw the holes, and boy oh boy did they take advantage. In the first half, Arkansas had 89 yards on the ground to Mizzou’s 22.

- Marcus Murphy, why are you missing punt returns? Stop. I believe you know how to catch something called a football. Hold on to the damn ball. This wasn’t just Murphy -there were other receivers who missed catchable balls.

- During parts of the game, it looked as if Mizzou’s offensive line was a bit mismatched against Arkansas’ defensive line. Arkansas senior DE Trey Flowers had a monster sack on Mizzou sophomore QB Maty Mauk.

- During one drive in the first quarter, it took Mizzou 17 plays to move the ball 41 yards. Excuse me, what? I think the object of the game is to score. To score, you need to move the ball down the field, gaining yards in the process. If Mizzou had another drive like that, I was about to smash my face into the table I was sitting at.

- Arkansas, why did you stop running the ball in the second half? Did you want to help Mizzou win? In the fourth quarter, Arkansas ran for just seven yards. Seven freaking yards.


- Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel is an emotional man on Senior Day. As the seniors have their names called, they run out of the tunnel one last time. Pinkel stands next to them to say a few words and watch them go. There are definitely tears from Pinkel and some players. I sat near the tunnel with my camera on Pinkel and the seniors last season, and thought I was going to need Kleenex as I watched it happen. I think that’s awesome. It shows the type of relationship he has with his players.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="561"] Mizzou senior Markus Golden with Gary Pinkel on senior day[/caption]

- Mizzou’s 136 rushing yards in the third/fourth quarter were tremendously better than the beginning of the game. Whatever was discussed in the locker room at the half, thank you.

- I don’t like many things about Chicago Bears' QB Jay Cutler, but I do like the fact that he takes hits like a man. Mauk took a few big hits like a man out on that field. It made him look like he could roll with the punches because he just got right back up and was ready to keep playing.

- Mizzou pulled the wildcat with senior WR Bud Sasser at QB, THANK YOU JESUS. I was waiting for a trick play. Sasser hit senior WR Darius White for a two-point conversion to tie the game. Mizzou needed a breath of air. Remember when a similar play like that happened last season against Georgia? Sasser called that double pass play the Colt 45. 


- In the fourth quarter, Mizzou didn’t bring the kicking team out on fourth and inches. I loved it. Go for it; make it interesting. Mauk handed the ball to sophomore RB Russell Hansbrough who pushed for more than a first down.

- Mizzou junior kicker Andrew Baggett nailed a 52 and a 50-yard field goal. HELL YES. HAVE A DAY, KIND SIR.

- Arkansas had a chance to tie the game, but Mizzou's defense came knocking. Praise the Lord for Mizzou's defense. On Mizzou’s 35-yard line, Tigers junior LB Kentrell Brothers stripped the ball from Arkansas sophomore RB Alex Collins and Mizzou senior DE Markus Golden recovered the fumble. DON’T SLEEP ON THE MIZZOU DEFENSE. Talk about a fourth quarter finish. These dudes played their hearts out.


- I love how many people were trolling Mizzou on twitter after the game. There are so many Mizzou haters. I think they’re jealous that Mizzou is now back-to-back SEC East champions. By the way, Mizzou has now been to the same number of SEC championship games as Ole Miss, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Texas A&M have combined.

- Arkansas had the dirtiest fake punt in the third quarter, and it worked like a charm. It came at the perfect time, and Mizzou didn't expect it at all. That's some magnificent play calling right there - hats off to the coaches.


- Arkansas sophomore OT Dan Skipper is 6’10. He looked like he could eat some of Mizzou's defenders for lunch. Skipper blocked a field goal in the third quarter and was controlling the defense with his size. That’s how you do it. Put extremely tall guys on your line. It would be interesting to see a line full of centers. Scroll down to the middle of the article and look to the right side to find highlights with the blocked field goal.



- In the third quarter, Mississippi State junior quarterback Dak Prescott couldn’t turn the laces out for an extra point. The extra point was no good. If the kick was good, the Bulldogs would have been down one point against Ole Miss. You can’t mess that up during a close game.

- I wasn't a fan of Mississippi State’s play calling towards the end of the game. I know the Bulldogs were down two touchdowns, but there was an opportunity to score. Prescott threw a few big balls to the corner of the end zone, which definitely didn’t work. You don't have to throw it to the corner every play. Prescott looked like a thanksgiving turkey that was done cooking by the end of the game. He was just beat, and the team lost its spark.


- Ole Miss’ defense looked unstoppable, especially on third downs. Mississippi State was 8 for 21 on third down conversions on the day - they could have taken on the world and won. Watching a defense that's just on fire is such a wonderful thing. The landshark was alive and well in Vaught-Hemmingway stadium.

- During the third quarter, Ole Miss senior QB Bo Wallace launched a ball into the sky; his target faked one way and caught the ball for an 83-yard pass play. It was a picture perfect moment. Later in the quarter, junior RB Jaylen Walton got creative and found the holes for a 91-yard touchdown run. In the fourth quarter, Wallace pitched it to freshman RB Jordan Wilkins who tossed it to junior WR Cody Core for the 31-yard touchdown that sealed the deal for Ole Miss. Wallace was 13 for 30 with 296 yards. Wallace didn’t carry the offense on his back even though a few stars were out, his remaining weapons were on fire.


- Prescott did something in the third quarter that made me want to scream, ‘THIS IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL!’ He read the defense perfectly. He saw the safeties were stacking the box to defend the he found the single coverage, then chucked a 53-yard pass to a receiver in stride.



- Alabama senior QB Blake Sims threw three interceptions. All three were awful. I wanted to cover my eyes and avoid the bad movie that was playing out on ESPN. Hello, you can’t hit Amari Cooper on every single play...sometimes he’s just too covered. Find another option.

- Despite Auburn’s 628 yards of total offense and seven trips to the red zone, the Tigers capitalized twice and kicked five freaking field goals. Five field goals when you've made it all the way to the red zone? THAT RIGHT THERE IS HOW YOU LOSE A GAME AGAINST A TEAM LIKE ALABAMA.


- Before the Iron Bowl, I got the chance to talk with the world's biggest Alabama fan. Her name is Phyllis Perkins, but she goes by 'Phyllis from Mulga' on The Paul Finebaum Show, which is where she regularly calls in and shows her passion for Alabama. During the interview, Phyllis shared when her love for Bama started, when she started calling into The Paul Finebaum Show, and gave her predictions for the Iron Bowl. She even said she'd rush the field as an elephant to help Alabama win.

- There were so many score changes during this one. It just made for a ridiculously fun game to watch.


- Auburn senior QB Nick Marshall was 27 for 43 with 496 yards in the air and three touchdowns. Marshall was hitting his spots looking about as accurate as can be.

- I like that Saban and Kiffin kept Sims in the game. He figured out his problems on the field, and after the offense went on to create five straight touchdown drives.

Mizzou has its hands full for the SEC championship game. The Tigers have to play completely sound on offense and defense. No rookie mistakes allowed. I do think Auburn's 628 yards of total offense is like a light at the end of a tunnel for Mizzou. This shows it's possible to gain yards against what's called the best defense in the SEC.

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