SEC MADS and GLADS: Bama Bulldozes, Mizzou Lets Go

I’m Maddy – MadGlab for short – a gal who watches football and has strong opinions about it. This column is all about the games, plays, and other things that make me ‘mad’ and ‘glad’ from each weekend of college football. For each SEC game I watch, I’ll give you my exact thoughts. No filter.

Just one lovely SEC game this weekend...I was thrilled that Mizzou made it to the SEC championship game again, but that means the football season is coming to a close. The end of the football season is a very sad, dark time for me.



- Okay Mizzou, y’all dropped one too many balls for my liking. A few of those catchable balls could have possibly made a difference in the game. Not cool, man.

- Amari Cooper = too many catches. Although he didn't lead the team in yards gained, Cooper set an SEC championship record with 12 receptions. Why not literally line up two Mizzou players on the line against Cooper to guard the hell out of him?

- It definitely hurt when Mizzou junior DE Shane Ray got ejected from the game for targeting. I think it was the right call, and it really pissed me off. Sims had already thrown the ball when Ray tackled could have totally been avoided. Was it really necessary to tackle Sims on what I thought was a late hit, let alone target a defenseless player? No, not at all.


- I noticed at least once when Mizzou was in the red zone with an opportunity to score, sophomore QB Maty Mauk handed the ball off to senior RB Marcus Murphy. Murphy really needed to push for extra yards to grab a first down, or score. Well, he didn’t push for extra yards. This is when I think junior RB Russell Hansbrough needs to replace Murphy. Hansbrough was amazing this season when pushing for extra yards. He would keep trucking down the field with four bodies on him if he could still use his feet.

- Alabama held Mizzou to 41 total rushing yards. I’m sorry, but that makes me want to projectile vomit everywhere in disgust. C’mon bros, you can do better. This wasn’t Mizzou’s best game at all - the Tigers could have put up a better fight instead of only looking good in the third quarter, when they narrowed the score to 21-13.


- More than once this season, I’ve criticized Mauk for throwing the post into double coverage. Holy moly, did the deep ball work beautifully for him on Saturday. He was slinging balls, throwing across his body on one foot Johnny Manziel style. Mauk cannonballed 32-yard, 47-yard, and 63-yard passes to senior WR Jimmie Hunt. It was fun to watch, that’s for sure.

- Again, Alabama held Mizzou to 41 total rushing yards on 23 attempts. Mizzou also had just one touchdown reception, which was one yard. Hats off to you, Bama. That defense played like they were defending Sparta.

- Alabama created 501 yards of total offense. The offensive line did a great job of opening up holes to let their run game breathe - sophomore RB Derrick Henry had 20 carries for 141 yards. The Tide deserve to be the number one team in the country, because they sure played like it on Saturday.

- Mizzou – even though you didn’t pull away with a win, y’all still made me proud in different ways. Pinkel took the blame for the lack of play during the post game press conference. He is a damn respectable coach.


I was proud to see a school prove they fit into the best football conference in the world in just two years. The best part – there are improvements to be made in the coming season. Mizzou senior WR Bud Sasser put the season in great perspective with this tweet.

Now, Mizzou gets an attempt at revenge on the Big 10 with the Citrus Bowl game against Minnesota.

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