Projecting Sunday's AP Top 25

With fewer upsets than last weekend, there were still several upsets that'll shake things up tomorrow. Let's take a look at how today's results will affect tomorrow's AP Top 25:

1. Florida State (11-0)

2. Alabama (10-1)

3. Oregon (10-1)

4. Mississippi State (9-1)

Last week's AP Top 4 will likely stay the same. If voters were still keeping Florida State on top after their series of unconvincing wins, Saturday's narrow victory over Boston College won't change anything. Alabama and Oregon won comfortably while Mississippi State had the weekend off.

5. TCU (9-1)

6. Baylor (10-1)

7. Ohio State (10-1)

8. Georgia (9-2)

With TCU idle, the next four won't change much either...but Ole Miss is our first ranked team to take a major hit. The Rebels were on the wrong side of an ugly 30-0 shutout against unranked Arkansas, and Georgia (which crushed Charleston Southern 55-9) will move up a spot into the top 8 to replace them. Ohio State and Baylor both won easily, and we don't expect them to move up or down.

9. Michigan State




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