NCAA Releases Short, Angry Press Release In Response to $40 Million EA Settlement

Someone at the NCAA didn't eat their Wheaties this morning.

The association released a brief, unhappy statement in response to the $40 million settlement reached over the use of athlete likenesses in NCAA-sanctioned EA video games over the past decade:


NCAA Reacts To EA Settlement

First, under no circumstances will we  allow the proposed agreement between EA and plaintiff’s lawyers  to negatively impact the eligibility of any student-athlete…not one will miss a practice or a game if this settlement is approved by the court. This proposed settlement does not equate to payment of current student-athletes for their athletic performance, regardless of how it is being publicly characterized.

Second, the real benefactors of this settlement are the lawyers, who could pocket more than $15 million.

We have not yet determined whether to formally object to any of the settlement terms.


If the NCAA does formally object, we'll be there to cover it - stay tuned to our NCAA page for all the latest on this and the other problems currently facing college sports' governing body.


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