More People Are Betting On This Team To Win The CFB Playoff Than Any Other...But It Isn't Who You Might Expect

There's no shortage of betting action on the upcoming College Football Playoffs, but the team drawing the most bets isn't even in the playoff committee's top four right now. According to the Las Vegas Westgate SuperBook via ESPN gambling reporter David Payne Purdum, here are the five teams people are betting on most to win:

5. Notre Dame

4. Michigan State

3. Alabama

2. Oregon

1. Ohio State

This obviously takes into account bets placed in the last few months in addition to ones in the last few days, but it's interesting to note that Ohio State didn't reach the AP or CFP Ranking top 10 until very recently. The Buckeyes were considered dead in the water after their early loss to Virginia Tech, but it looks like quite a few enterprising Buckeyes fans saw their return from the dead coming. Now, they have two weeks to impress the voters and hope other teams stumble...or else we'll be seeing some very frustrated gamblers in the Buckeye state.

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