MUST WATCH: The 9 Best Buzzer Beaters In NCAA Tournament History

March Madness is here! Use your sick days!! Forget all anniversaries and birthdays!!! BASKETBALL'S HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!

To get you PUMPED for the craziness coming in the 2016 NCAA Tournament, we thought it'd be fitting to bring to you The 8 Best Buzzer Beaters In NCAA Tournament History.

9. UConn's Rip Hamilton tames the Huskies (1998)

8. Georgia Tech's Wil Bynum takes it to the rack (2004)

7. Georgia State's R.J. Hunter caps comeback with three-pointer that makes his coach/father go crazy (2015)

6. More UConn awesomeness from Tate George (1990)

5. Arkansas' U.S. Reed gets his prayer is answered in full (1981)

4. Valpo's Bryce Drew caps off the ultimate upset (1998)

3. UCLA's Tyus Edney shocks Missouri (1995)

2. NC State's Lorenzo Charles causes Jimmy V to run wild (1983)

1. Duke's Christian Laettner makes "The Shot" that Kentucky fans still hate him for (1992)

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