Louisville's Housing Department Is Posting Friendly Reminders For Students Ahead of Friday's Game: Don't Set Your Couch On Fire


Update 3/26: After speaking with the Louisville on-campus housing office, we're sad to reveal that this poster is (as we suspected) the work of a prankster. Unless there's a Louisville RA who went rogue and whipped this up without informing his bosses, this was done by someone with no connection to the housing office.

That doesn't make it any less hilarious, though.



Posted (supposedly) by UL's housing department, this looks almost too good to be true...we tried calling Louisville's housing office to confirm this was the real deal, but they'd already closed for the day.

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Even if this turns out to be a hoax, the Kentucky-Louisville game this Friday should be an epic Sweet 16 showdown...get your couches ready.

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