Incident Report: Jameis Winston Intentionally Avoided Police Deputy When Leaving Publix


Florida State QB (and recent Heisman winner) Jameis Winston has been all over the news lately thanks to his love of seafood...and if you ever wanted to read a 34-page incident report about a shoplifting citation, today is your lucky day!

The incident report is pretty dry reading, but the highlight comes on page 4:


"When Mr. Winston reached the front of the store, Deputy Graves was visible in front of Mr. Winston. Deputy Graves was working a security detail in the store in an off duty capacity at the time of the theft. Mr. Winston paused visibly near a series of sale bins and allowed Deputy Graves to pass in front of him. The pause appeared to be an attempt to avoid walking in front of Deputy Graves. Mr. Winston then walked behind Deputy Graves, passed all points of sale, and exited the store without paying for the merchandise. Mr. Winston did not approach any of the available checkout stands or complete any transaction in the store."


Full Jameis Winston Incident Report


Winston completed his mandated 20 hours of community service, and was reinstated to the FSU baseball team on Monday.


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