Heisman Watch: Winston leads amid cloudy future

This week marks the third time you and I have talked about the Heisman trophy. Every week, we've had a different leader in our discussion. This time, we inventory who's left among the guys that are capable of taking the trip to New York. With Johnny Manziel not having the explosive game he needed to pave his road to New York, he pretty much guaranteed that he won't win a second consecutive trophy. So, as we've done in the past three weeks, let's narrow it down to the three guys that are in the lead pack:

1. Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

2. Andre Williams, RB, Boston College

3. Jordan Lynch, QB, Northern Illinois

Sorry Alabama fans, but AJ McCarron was merely a representation of your team. Like Alabama's BCS Title hopes, McCarron's ticket to New York went down in flames whether or not Chris Davis stepped out of bounds.

Winston and Florida State thrashed a pitiful Florida team by 30 points. The freshman quarterback padded his statistics a little more, and if he didn't have this legal issue hanging over his head, he would be the clear-cut favorite. The only thing that stands between Winston and Heisman would be the legitimization of his legal case or losing to Duke. The first option has a much higher chance of becoming a reality than the latter. Jameis Winston is the clear Heisman favorite going into conference championship week.

Andre Williams hangs around this week, even though he had to watch the finish of his team's loss to Syracuse from the sidelines on Saturday. Williams left after his first rush in the third quarter, and he finished the game with only 29 yards rushing on nine carries. Williams did score a touchdown, and his statistics still keep him next-in-line, should Winston fail against Duke on Saturday.

Jordan Lynch is the new guy on the list this week, and he's quickly becoming a fan favorite. Lynch made a huge splash statistically last week against Western Michigan by rushing for over 300 yards and scoring three touchdowns on the ground. Lynch also threw a TD while helping the Huskies complete a perfect regular season. The only bump in the road that remains for Lynch is clinching the MAC Title against Bowling Green on Friday. Jordan Lynch is in the same boat as Andre Williams, as both are waiting for Winston to somehow slip off the top of the board.


The Heisman Race hasn't let us down yet this season. With Winston being the favorite, he's the only one on the list that's kind of stationary at the top amid the legal allegations he faces. If the legal matters remove him from the board, the Heisman Trophy Winner for the 2013 season could easily be someone that isn't listed here. It'll be very interesting to see how conference championship week will impact the Heisman race...stay tuned!

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