ESPN Has Absolutely No Idea What Happened Last Year

Looks like someone over at the Worldwide Leader is having a rough morning. The ESPN College Football Twitter account posted this picture on Monday, listing the college football camps getting started:




This is a...curious graphic. Let's break it down:

- Florida State, Oregon, UCLA and USC apparently played a 15th game at some point last season, which is weird because that never actually happened.

- Notre Dame, not to be outdone, played THREE extra games, and one of their losses magically became a win (the Irish actually ended the season 9-4, according to non-ESPN sources).

- Texas had a much, much better year in ESPN's alternate universe, finishing up with a stellar 12-2 record. The 9-4 mark that got Mack Brown fired was apparently just a figment of our imagination...who wants to tell Charlie Strong?

- At some point, Ohio State lost a game we thought they'd won.

- Brady Hoke's Michigan Men finally got it together, winning three more games than we thought they did.

- Penn State played two extra games (a conference championship and a bowl game?) and won them both, which we guess means that whole giant scandal and the NCAA sanctions that followed never happened. Wait, what?

- Of all the teams here, only LSU actually finished with the record that ESPN claims they did.

Whoever put this graphic together is either from an alternate universe, or didn't watch any college football last year and got these numbers from a fortune cookie. Either way, this is pretty embarrassing.



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