Does your school have the best fans in college sports? Check the 2013 Chat Sports college rankings

In the inaugural look at the Chat Sports fan rankings, it’s “Go Blue” with Michigan fans claiming the top spot.  But will it last?

With kickoff two weeks away and pre-season rankings on everyone's mind, we took a look at how you, the fans, stack up against the fans of other schools.  In the inaugural Chat Sports fan rankings, Michigan fans appear to be the most active on the Internet, which is also what TicketCity’s Most Engaged Fans ranking found.

Unlike that poll or the AP Football poll, in Chat Sports rankings, you, the fans, get to “play” for bragging rights going forward.  Throughout the college football season, fans can earn points to help their school claim the title of most rabid fanbase on the Internet.

How to “play” for your team

Fans can earn points by bringing their passion for their team to Chat Sports.  Every time you read about your school, follow another user, comment on an article or share news with your friends, you'll earn points for your favorite team.  Click here for the full list of ways you can earn points.

What you’re playing for

What, a title worth “bragging rights” isn't good enough for you? Yeah, we get that. That’s why fans of the overall winner and highest-ranking team in each conference will win some cool prizes - like taking over the Chat Sports twitter handle for a game, changing the Chat Sports logo to your team colors, or scoring some t-shirts.  Click here for the official list of prizes.

The Pre-Season Rankings*

Overall RankSchoolPointsChat Sports RankSocial Media RankFacebook LikesTwitter Followers
1Michigan Wolverines6963111,053,775153,323
2Ohio State Buckeyes6650291,364,44234,881
3Alabama Crimson Tide663837444,53283,563
4Notre Dame Fighting Irish6388415367,91452,534
5Texas Longhorns61636191,084,71827,068
6Michigan State Spartans6150813444,97850,454
7North Carolina Tar Heels6100123701,437129,412
8Auburn Tigers6038720263,70642,589
9Tennessee Volunteers6025914264,97672,680
10Georgia Bulldogs5950135545,14084,045
11USC Trojans5813924193,65942,392
12Miami Hurricanes56381125207,11935,551
13Florida Gators55881921,096,12687,502
14Wisconsin Badgers54881421511,21527,845
15Oregon Ducks54381810517,27950,481
16Penn State Nittany Lions53751427229,53232,202
17LSU Tigers5350223875,370109,762
18Boston College Eagles505056814,9119,312
19UCLA Bruins49502026300,18630,670
20Duke Blue Devils48631737416,77511,039
21Oklahoma Sooners48132611409,86561,429
22Virginia Tech Hokies48131450124,42213,115
23Kentucky Wildcats4788286688,54265,579
24Texas A&M Aggies45882815417,35837,338
25Syracuse Orange45132528232,69330,580

* Rankings formula is based on a weighted average of user engagement on Chat Sports (measured by followers, social activity, and web traffic) and social media influence through both athletic department and team specific Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

Here's how you can earn points to move your team to the top:

  • Join (or login to) Chat Sports
  • Follow your favorite teams
  • Follow your friends
  • Gain your own followers
  • Share content with your friends
  • Chat (Sports) with @mentions in article comment boxes
  • Share a link for the Dean’s List
  • Snapchat us at chatsports

Prizes are much more than bragging rights… here’s what you (or your school) could win:

  • The Chat Sports banner in your school colors
  • Take over the Chat Sports Twitter handle for a game
  • Take over your rival team's Twitter handle for the big game
  • A cameo on the Dean’s List for the day
  • The chance to show your school spirit to to Chat Sports' snapchat followers
  • Chat Sports T-Shirts
  • Chat Sports water bottles
  • Chat Sports stress (basket)balls

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