Big 12 Football Players Reveal Which School Has The Best Team, Coach, Fans & More In Anonymous Survey

After Day 2 of Big 12 media days in Dallas, FOX Sports Southwest decided to try something interesting. They gave players in attendance an anonymous survey to see what they really thought of their fellow teams, coaches, players and fans...and the results were fascinating:


Who is the Big 12's best team?

Oklahoma -- 56%

Baylor -- 39%

TCU -- 2.5%

Texas -- 2.5%


Who is the Big 12's most overrated team entering 2014?

Texas -- 26%

Baylor -- 26%

Oklahoma State -- 17%

Kansas State -- 11%

Oklahoma -- 11%

TCU -- 3%

Kansas -- 3%

Texas Tech -- 3%

On Baylor:

"They're overrated within themselves. They've gotten real cocky the last couple years." ... "Just from seeing them play other teams, it was well known that sometimes they just caught teams off guard."


Which Big 12 school has the best fans?

Oklahoma -- 24%

Texas -- 20%

Oklahoma State -- 16%

West Virginia -- 12%

Kansas State -- 8%

Baylor -- 8%

Texas Tech -- 8%

Iowa State -- 4%

On Oklahoma:

"From that game that we played there, their fan atmosphere was just amazing. It was nice to play in. Even though they weren't cheering for us, it felt good."

On Texas Tech:

"They throw the tortillas at you. And batteries." ... "They've got a really rowdy student section."

On Baylor:

"They've got a little younger crowd and they get pretty rowdy." ... "When we went there it was probably one of the funnest games that I've been in. All their chants, it was like one big party."


Which Big 12 school has the worst fans?

Kansas -- 40%

TCU -- 18%

Oklahoma State -- 14%

West Virginia -- 14%

Iowa State -- 7%

Texas -- 3.5%

Texas Tech -- 3.5%

On Kansas:

"Their fans don't show up. They're a basketball school." ... "They're too into basketball." ... "The stands were like half full."

On Oklahoma State:

"When we went there a couple years ago, we had like a grandpa behind our bench holding his grandson while he was MFing us on the sidelines."

On Texas Tech:

"They were throwing things at us on the sideline. The tortillas, man!"

To see the survey in its entirety, check out the original article containing the full results here.

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