BCS Championship Projection, Week 4: It's still Alabama vs Oregon

The two best teams in America have emerged and there is not much, other than a loss, that can remove either of these squads from the top 2 in our BCS Championship Game prediction.

BCS Championship Game Prediction headed into week 5:

Alabama vs Oregon

Instead of focusing on why these teams deserve to be here, we are going to look at the next few teams and how likely they are going to go undefeated and potentially slip into the game if Oregon or Alabama go down.

3rd highest probability: Ohio State

The Buckeyes only have 3 games on their schedule that any sane fan could conceive that they could lose, starting with this weeks match up against Wisconsin.

They travel to Northwestern next week, which will be their toughest 'road' game of the season. We use 'road' loosely given that the stadium will likely be 40-50% Ohio State fans as in past years. OSU has struggled during night road games in the past decade, so this game is likely their best shot at a loss.

The third possible loss of the year will be in the regular season finale against Michigan. The way Michigan has played the past two weeks, we see the Buckeyes blowing out Michigan.

4th highest probability: Stanford

It may come down to November 7th to decide who will play Alabama in the BCS Championship.:Stanford vs. Oregon. Stanford is hosting the game, on a Thursday night. A win will vault the Cardinal to #2 in the BCS polls no matter what any other team does, as long as they don't slip up prior.

5th highest probability: Florida State

The schedule has a few hurdles, including #3 Clemson in 3 weeks, but we see FSU as being a very strong candidate to run the table and end up in the BCS if Oregon or Alabama should lose. They will likely be favored in every game except Clemson, where they will likely be a 5-7 point underdog. Win that one, and FSU vaults to #3 on this list.

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